Back to myself but better

Atelier Jun 29, 2023

D r e a m s  d o  c o m e  t r u e 🌿

I am not an artist first but I am so creative in everything that I do. With this in mind, I've always yearned for a space that fosters such creativity, a place where I can think and feel like an artist. A few years ago, I created Atelier Achim on a balcony. I felt a sense of joy in this space, where I held my first classes and began to paint a bit more. It made me happy and sparked creativity, but I knew it wasn't a solution for the long term.

After two years, we relocated to a new space teeming with potential. My darling and I have created a larger studio, offering plenty of room for our dogs to snooze and frolic 🐶. More importantly, it serves as a serene and inspiring gathering place for myself and others to come together and create. I am profoundly grateful for this, and I am certain that I will accumulate a wealth of memories and heartwarming emotions in this space.

I look forward to welcoming you at the atelier soon!

All the best, Flori and friends 🐶 🐶


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